Forget memory, try imagination.

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What is TimeSlips?

TimeSlips is… an improvisational storytelling method that replaces the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: TimeSlips is responding to the crisis with creative ways to keep helping and engaging elders  – and their caregivers – who are more isolated and anxious than ever.
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Originally designed to support growth and learning with people with dementia and their caregivers, the TimeSlips method is fun for anyone. Each story begins with an attention-grabbing photo image. Facilitators guide the storytelling session by asking open-ended questions, listening intently, writing down all responses, and weaving them together by repeating the story as it grows. The method values the unique voices of individual participants, their heritage, perspective, and present level of ability. This program is stimulating and fun, creating an environment where all responses are accepted and elders feel safe to participate.

What can Liz do for you?

As a TimeSlips Facilitator and Master Trainer, Liz gives hope in the face of memory loss

Liz has worked with hundreds of people in senior residences and nursing homes, adult day care programs, and in the community to improvise, retell and share their stories. She has trained eldercare professionals and volunteers from coast to coast to use this ground-breaking method. Contact Liz or click here to learn how individuals and organizations can get online training and customized coaching in the TimeSlips method.

Cassandra, she combs her hair...

Cassandra, she combs her hair…

Read a TimeSlips story
created by Liz and a group of elders
at an adult day care program

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