“To be human…one must have a story.  It’s one of the things humans do.  Not just have a story, but tell a story.”
–Chinua Achebe, author of Things Fall Apart

What is storytelling?

All of us, children and adults alike, are nurtured and delighted by the chance to slow down, meet face-to-face, and LISTEN to one another. It was a wise person who said that you cannot hate someone once you know their story. Listening to and telling stories, we learn to know ourselves, our planet, and those we share it with in way that’s accessible, memorable, and fun.

Liz tells stories from around the world and around the corner, to audiences of all ages, at schools, museums, theaters and anywhere folks will listen.

LNclassroom…and empowers others to share their own. She’s shown docents how to use storytelling to engage museum visitors. She’s gotten shy 8-year-olds up in front of their classmates. She’s taught seniors to share their “living history” with younger generations. She can help YOU find your story and the confidence to tell it!

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