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What is storytelling?

Storytelling is as ancient as the poetry of Homer, as classic as a ghost story told around a campfire,  and as contemporary as the email joke you just got from your aunt Bertha. Now more than ever, in our high-tech age, the “lost art” of storytelling is being rediscovered. All of us, children and adults alike, are nurtured and delighted by the chance to slow down, meet face-to-face, and LISTEN to one another.

For me one of the chief joys and fascinations of storytelling is how the same archetypal themes and characters are found in traditions from around the globe, just “dressed in different clothes.” This makes storytelling an ideal avenue for cross-cultural communication and multicultural education.

It was a wise person who said that you cannot hate someone once you know their story. Listening to and telling stories, we learn to know ourselves, our  planet, and those we share it with in way that’s

eaccessible         ememorable        efun

Sample Performances
The Magic Pomegranate: Jewish Tales of Heroes & Fools
Asian Myths, Legends & Folktales for Interactive Family Fun
Creation is a Messy Business: World Mythology for Today
Lost & Found: One Woman’s Journey through Folklore & Life

Liz teaches CHILDREN

  1. Bullet  Once Upon a Time… (Storytelling Workshop for children 8 – 11)

  2. Bullet  Stories + Art = Fun!
    (hands on stories & easy art-craft projects for ages 5 – 8)

  3. Bullet  Pass It On! An Intergenerational Storytelling Project

  1. Liz teaches ADULTS

  1. Bullet  Find Your Voice – Share Your Stories!

  2. Bullet  How to Learn a Folktale in an Hour
    (great for teachers & librarians)

  3. Bullet  Using Storytelling Techniques to Enhance Your Docent Tours

  4. Bullet  Pass It On! An Intergenerational Storytelling Project

  5. Bullet  TimeSlips® Creative Group Storytelling for People with Dementia

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